Cyberpunk Thriller Observer Reveals Launch Date and New Trailer

In the world of Observer, the latter part of the 21st century is a pretty bleak time to be alive. The event known as the Nanophage wreaked havoc on civilization, and the subsequent war only served to make matters worse. In the aftermath, most survivors ignore the horrors of the real world and distract themselves with drugs, virtual reality, and neural implants.


However, some people can't afford themselves the luxury of self-delusion. The game's protagonist, Detective Daniel Lazarski, not only has to grapple with the state of the world he's living in, but the inner workings of its most depraved criminal activity. He's an Observer, an elite neural investigator who peers into the minds of criminals and victims alike to gather clues and solve crimes.




Today, developer Bloober Team released a brand new trailer for Observer that shows off a bit more of what players can expect from this slice of psychological horror. The moody tone and futuristic visuals on display might call to mind a certain classic sci-fi movie — not to mention the actor chosen to portray Lazarski.


The game's protagonist is played by none other than Rutger Hauer, the legendary Dutch actor best known for his role as unhinged cyborg Roy Batty in Blade Runner. Hauer's gravitas certainly adds to the cinematic quality of Observer, and his performance is sure to make the game's plot all the more engrossing.


Here's the brand new trailer:



Observer is scheduled to launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 15. For more information on this gripping sci-fi adventure, check out the game's official website — and to delve deeper into its lore, head straight to the Official Observer Wiki.



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