D&D Beyond Launches Today, Bringing Players Digital D&D 5E Content and Powerful Tools

D&D Beyond Has Officially Launched

Dungeons & Dragons has been bringing together the forces of good and evil for decades, gathering lawful good paladins and chaotic evil rogues around both physical and virtual tables. When participating in a campaign, books are stacked on every surface and paper character sheets are piled anywhere there’s an extra space. The frenzy of a D&D table may be nostalgic, but there’s always room for improvement. Enter D&D Beyond, the official fifth edition tool set created by Curse. It’s a breath of fresh air for both players and dungeon masters alike, and — as of today — it has officially launched.



D&D Beyond - Adventures

For Dungeon Masters

As a dungeon master, you might have searching through physical D&D books down to an art. Your subconscious has memorized page numbers and you know exactly which section to flip through for a certain spell. As a true master of D&D content, the possibilities with D&D Beyond’s digital tool set is virtually endless.


  • Easily Track Your Campaigns - You’re running a campaign with co-workers on Tuesday nights, and a different adventure with friends on Saturdays. D&D Beyond’s campaign manager allows you to create campaigns, invite other members to join, and — with the site’s Master Tier — you can even share the official content you’ve purchased.

  • Browse Content Effortlessly - Running a campaign from D&D Beyond might seem foreign, but it’s incredibly convenient. When you purchase a digital version of an adventure module on the site, every single page will be searchable in just a few seconds. You can browse chapters, see official art, and quickly use links and tooltips to gather the information you need.


D&D Beyond Subscription Options

For Players

You might not be behind the dungeon master’s screen, but the benefits of D&D Beyond’s tool set go far beyond campaign management.


  • Create and Manage Exciting Characters - It’s no secret that character creation in Dungeons & Dragons is often difficult. Searching through spell pages, constantly referencing multiple books, and doing adequate research on races, classes, and backgrounds can be a challenge. D&D Beyond’s character builder guides you through the creation process and helps you build the character you’ve always wanted to play. Additionally, D&D Beyond makes leveling a character a complete breeze.

  • Construct the Ultimate Homebrew Weapon - Or monster. Or spell. D&D Beyond allows all players — regardless of whether or not they have a subscription — to create and share homebrew content. Does your kenku bard need a insult-riddled spell that goes beyond Vicious Mockery? Does your strong, stoic ranger need a regal bow worthy of her valor? Does that annoying halfling in your group need to be crushed by a truly devastating creature? You can make it right now on D&D Beyond (and share it with your DM, too).


D&D Beyond - Search

For Beginners

Entering the sphere of Dungeons & Dragons is often seen as intimidating. The world you’re about to dive into is vast, and — even with a dungeon master’s help — it’s going to require a bit of research. 

  • Search Everything D&D - The experienced, hot-headed druid at the end of the table is discussing the Circle of the Land. He’s brought it up a thousand times, but you keep forgetting what it is. You can search through the books scattered across the table, or you can use the search tool on D&D Beyond, allowing you to quickly glance through all of the digital content you own and get the answers you need in a heartbeat. Then, you can comment on the druid’s vast oral tradition without skipping a beat.

  • Join the Thriving Community - Whether you’ve just joined a campaign online or you’re playing in-person with friends, D&D Beyond is just another way for you to make connections with other D&D enthusiasts. Looking for playing tips or have a question about lore? The forums are a click away. Want to peer into the imaginations of other players? Browsing homebrew content (and adding it to your own collection for later use) is simple. It’s more than the tool set that allows D&D Beyond to help you play with advantage; it’s the entire community.

With today’s launch of D&D Beyond, users can now purchase digital versions of their favorite D&D content and grab a site subscription to make unlimited characters and share official content with others. The development team behind D&D Beyond has poured hours, days, and weeks into bringing the site to life. Their hard work has produced a phenomenal digital tool set that makes playing D&D easier than ever before, and their passion has the potential to change the way people play Dungeons & Dragons forever. Future D&D Beyond features include a mobile app, an encounter builder, and even combat tracking.


Over 240,000 characters have already been created with D&D Beyond’s character builder. Is your character next? Visit D&D Beyond now.

Brianna Clark


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