80s Cartoons Meet Vehicle Combat in Auto Age: Standoff

Auto Age: Standoff


In a distant future, the America we know today is completely destroyed. The chaotic world lies in the balance of two rival gangs; one is desperate to heal and progress, while the other is determined to dominate and destroy. And these aren't just any kind of gang: they're comprised of wheeled warriors that battle it out in 80s-style car combat. This is Auto Age: Standoff, the just-released indie title from Phantom Compass. The Official Auto Age: Standoff Wiki will be your ultimate guide to customizing your car, learning about the game's maps, and more.



After choosing your gang, you'll dive head first into ruthless, twelve-player online combat. In addition to choosing your vehicle, you can also improve it with powerful weapons and high-tech gadgets. With a variety of game modes, including team deathmatch and base assault, there's plenty of variety and excitement to experience. Additional game features include split-screen play, four wasteland maps, and an awesome retro soundtrack.


You can learn more about Auto Age: Standoff in the video below.



Cruise to retro tunes with other militarized motorists in Auto Age: Standoff, now available on Steam. To share your own Auto Age: Standoff knowledge, contribute to the Official Wiki.


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