The Official Strife Wiki!

Enjoy MOBAs, but not a fan of the grind, steep learning curve, constant trips back to base for upgrades and other issues players find annoying in some games? If that is the case, then Strife is definitely what you want to be playing! Strife eliminates many of these factors and adds in crafting as a way to upgrade. Additionally, we are proud to announce the Official Strife Wiki through our partnership with S2 Games, known for Heroes of Newerth.

Strife is an accessible MOBA set up so that the newest of players are able to jump right into the fray, yet a high mastery ceiling to allow for even the most experienced of players to have an enjoyable experience. Currently in closed beta, Strife aims to remove what players find irritating in MOBAs and keep them enjoying battles more! If you're interested in participating, head to the Strife website and click the green Beta Sign Up button. Another thing that sets Strife apart from other MOBAs is the fact that all heroes are free to absolutely everyone -- no unlocking or paying for certain ones!

Already signed up to participate in beta? Be sure to check out the official wiki in the meantime! If you're interested in becoming a contributor, our Help Wiki has all of the information you need, from basic wiki syntax to full design tutorials! Have a question you don't know the answer to? Log into IRC and /join #Gamepedia to get your answers from staff and fellow community members.


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