Welcome the Official Eden Star Wiki!

Here at Gamepedia, the exciting news never stops and now we have the pleasure of announcing the Official Eden Star Wiki through our partnership with Flix Interactive! Currently in its alpha stage and available for pre-order, Eden Star is a gorgeous first person sci-fi game that includes fully destructible and buildable environments. Even invite your friends to join you on your world! Eden Star has successfully become Greenlit on Steam, as well.

All pre-orders have access to Combat Tech Demo, which is the very first pre-alpha playable demo of Eden Star. See the Eden Star website for more information on how you can enjoy this fully playable snapshot of what is to come! Not only is Eden Star based on creation, but it is a survival game as well. In addition, all combat is physics based, with resource management and dynamic free running -- scale walls and interact with what you build! Eden Star is available to pre-order on their website, and Steam, with purchases through Humble Indie Bundle and Desura later on.

The Official Eden Star Wiki is the perfect way the development team can create a more open, more informed relationship with the community. The wiki is a great place to see what's going on while Eden Star is being developed. Keep an eye on the wiki for news and updates. Want to work alongside the dev team by contributing to the wiki? Check out the Help Wiki for all sorts of tutorials! If you want to chat with Gamepedia staff and community, /join Gamepedia in IRC!


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