Hand of Fate 2 Once Again Deals the Cards of Life and Death


They say you have to play the hand dealt to you in life, and sometimes that even goes for your magical hack and slash adventures. The Dealer returns to oversee the Game of Life and Death once again in Hand of Fate 2, and this time you play to determine the fate of empires. With new cards, combat styles, companions, and more, the hand you’re dealt will be bigger and better than ever before.


As with the original, Hand of Fate 2 sees you receive a hand of collectible cards from the mystical Dealer, and each one represents a new challenge to overcome. Usually that means third-person, hack and slash combat, but sometimes it’ll mean unique minigames or RPG-style decision making. Your game takes place across a new map board this time that will offer all sorts of new challenges.


But with new challenges come new abilities, and this time you’ll be able to take advantage of multiple combat styles with options like dual wielding and heavy, two-handed weapons. You’ll also be able to team up with companions who’ll support you in combat, help you in minigames, or even make their mark on your story. That help will be invaluable as you do battle against new card suits, like the soldiers of Steel or the horrible mutants of Blight.


Enjoy a look at Hand of Fate 2 in action:


You don’t have to wait to see what destiny has in store for you, because Hand of Fate 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. For the knowledge you’ll need to thwart whatever the Dealer throws at you, be sure to check out the Hand of Fate Wiki.

Dustin Bailey 


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