Introducing the Official Scraps Wiki and Their Kickstarter Countdown!

Scraps is a game based on not just vehicle combat, but vehicle design and build as well. Already Greenlit on Steam, Scraps is extremely close to its Kickstarter funding goal, with 6 days left and the official wiki is now available at Gamepedia! If you enjoy not only vehicle combat, but hunting for scraps, designing your war machine and building it from the ground up, then Scraps is the game for you. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and choose the reward tier that best suits you.

Currently in its alpha stage, Scraps allows players to have fully functional designs based in physics. This allows for a lot of human error, as your designs will have consequences if you make bad decisions! Because of Scraps being successfully Greenlit, Steam keys are available for anyone who backs the Kickstarter campaign for $20 NZD or more! Become a backer and join the fun at building a vehicle designed to fail, which can be just as satisfying as building an unstoppable machine. Scraps will be available on Linux, Windows and OSX.

Kickstarter reward tiers offer everything: a download key for both you and a friend, along with a special bronze effect for your vehicle vehicle; access to the downloadable soundtrack; a silver effect for your vehicle (or even gold at a higher tier!); having your name added to game credits along with a special in-game icon so others know your status; unique vehicle parts; or even being able to design a vehicle part!

Already a backer for Scraps' Kickstarter campaign? While you wait for first available alpha build, why not contribute for the official wiki? In addition to content creations, editing existing pages is just as important. Have a look at the Help Wiki for guidance on everything you could possibly need to help on wikis. Want to chat with Gamepedia staff and community! Join us in IRC!


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