Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Pits Fighters From Across the Series In Chaotic Arena Battles


There are few topics in video games more hotly debated than who the best Final Fantasy character is. Luckily, Square Enix are providing a violent way to settle those debates with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, a massive new iteration of the brawling series that pits franchise favorites against each other in three-on-three arena battles.


Your squad is chosen from nearly 30 characters including quick and deadly assassins like Squall and Lightning, hard hitting vanguards like Cloud and the Warrior of Light, the magical ranged abilities of marksmen like Terra and Kefka, or the unique skills of specialists like Vaan and Ramza. Assassins, vanguards, and marksmen all adhere to rock-paper-scissors rule of effectiveness against each other, meaning that choosing the right team to take on any challengers is essential strategy.


You and your opponents both have "Bravery", which builds over the course of the match and allows you do more significant damage to foes. You can choose whether to knock down the enemy’s bravery or HP with your attacks, which makes every battle an intense game of strategic decisions about what to attack and when. And, of course, no Final Fantasy would be complete without iconic summons like Ifrit and Shiva, who can fight alongside you to devastating effect.


Here’s how Dissidia Final Fantasy NT works in action:



Finally leaving Japanese arcades for a worldwide home console release, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT looks to be an incredible combination of fan-favorite characters and chaotic action that’s now available on PlayStation 4. For full details on all the battlers and the strategies you’ll need to employ, be sure to check out the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Wiki.

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