Trailmakers Makes Vehicle Building a Snap


There are a handful of universal truths in games. Building things is fun. Driving real fast is fun. And crashing in glorious flaming explosions is fun. Trailmakers combines all of those delightful pastimes into a single game, sending you to a frontier at the edge of the universe where you’ll snap together your own vehicles and ride them off into uncharted lands.


Putting together those vehicles is as simple as stacking building blocks, which each have their own attributes like shape and weight, plus unique bits of functionality. The pieces snap together or can be pulled apart at any time, letting you easily reshape your creations or build entirely new ways to get around. You can build a jet powered race car and then stick some wings on it to take to the sky.


All that building is split across two modes. Expedition challenges you with a journey through the unknown, setting you to traverse the wilderness, confront the wildlife, and dig up new parts to keep upgrading your vehicle and reaching new checkpoints. Then there’s creative mode, which drops all restrictions to let you build and play with anything you can dream up. You can also join up with friends in multiplayer, putting each others’ vehicles to the test.


Here’s what Trailmakers looks like in action:



Trailmakers is available now in Steam Early Access, with more building parts, expanded multiplayer options, and a bigger world to explore planned before the game’s 1.0 release in 2018. For more details on what you can build and how you’ll be building it, check out the Official Trailmakers Wiki.

Dustin Bailey 


Dustin is a Missouri-based freelancer who enjoys long walks in digital woods. When he's not writing about geeky pastimes, he's producing videos on them. He and his wife bond best over tabletop role-playing.



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