Down is Up and Left is Right in Swaps and Traps


In a world where difficult platformers are having a bit of a renaissance, it can be tough to stand out among the likes of I Want to Be the Guy or Celeste. When you do, you have to be bold, different, and interesting outside of just being hair-pullingly frustrating. Team Trap may have found that balance in Swaps and Traps.


Self-described as "a difficult bundle of challenge" but "also a full experience of joy,"  Swaps and Traps has a sense of humor about its ultimate goal, but the task to complete one of the 100+ levels across it's three worlds is no laughing matter. As Mike, you must chase the nefarious Divider and stop him from slicing up reality with the power of his enchanted hat. The pursuit drags you through treacherous puzzles, with moving platforms, swinging blades, spiked pits — the veritable "ball of wax" of evil doer speed bumps. Every level is a single screen, so you can plot every jump, swing, and hop before you make any moves.


Of course, I wouldn't rely too much on that plan. As soon as you collect one of the level's keys, a piece of the screen flips and changes how you interact with it. Imagine taking a piece of the middle of a puzzle, spinning it on its head, and putting it back into place. When you move Mike through these swapped sections, down is up. Or maybe it's left.

Actually, don't imagine, look as this trailer, and try not to freak out:



Swaps and Traps is available now on Steam for PC. If your mind is sufficiently blown, come to the Official Swaps and Traps Wiki for more information, and perhaps a hug.


 Jarrett Green 


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