Bring Peace Back to Bohemia in Kingdom Come: Deliverance


It's been four years since Kingdom Come: Deliverance blew the doors off of its Kickstarter goals. Finally, this Middle Ages mega RPG is here.


The death of Emperor Charles IV has shaken Bohemia to its core, threatening to plunge the entire Holy Roman Empire into darkness and tear the empire apart. Players step into the shoes of Henry, a son of a blacksmith from a village destroyed by mercenaries who gets dragged deep into a bloody conflict between the late Emperor's sons over what's left of the land.


Often described as "Skyrim minus the dragons," Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-world RPG that looks to simulate life in 1400s Europe without the fantastical elements that often go hand-in-hand with games featuring knights and sword-based combat. This is a story about class dynamics, political intrigue and the everyday struggle of a man with no home during a time of upheaval. Henry is a bit of blank slate, meaning your travels will find you well-positioned to handle problems all manner of ways. Develop the charisma to talk your way into rooms and out of trouble, or the strength to fight your way past obstacles. It's up to you.


Combat was designed with historically accuracy in mind. Using research and help from real practitioners of traditional swordfighting arts for motion capture, Kingdom Come: Deliverance decodes the ancient ways and reinterprets them into a system that favors the well-trained and knowledgeable over the reckless. Different weapons and fighting styles exist to be studied and unlocked, but know this: one mistake can mean death!


Check this combat trailer out for a better look at how it's done:



Steel yourself, for Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4. If you need more guidance navigating this gritty interpretation of Middle Europe, come to our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki.


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