Suit Up and Save Humanity in Into the Breach, From the Developers of FTL


It's been over five long years since FTL developer Subset Games released a game, and we won't have to hold our collective breaths any longer. Subset is back with a new tactical sci-fi strategy game called Into the Breach, and man does it look cool.


In the far future, where corporations are as big and powerful as entire nations, the future of humanity is bleak. An alien threat called the Vek has civilization on the brink of destruction, and only a time-traveling fighting force of powerful mechs can push them back. Use your wits to push back the kaiju threat, and protect buildings full of innocent people from the enemy AND friendly fire. As you save cities, you'll meet more capable mech pilots and acquire upgrades for your weapons, all to prepare for even greater challenges to come. Failure is not an option, though. When defeated, the only choice is to jump back through time and find a new timeline to try to save the human race once again.

Take a look at it in action:


Into the Breach is available now on PC. If you want to suit up and join the fight for our future, check out our Into the Breach Wiki!


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