Wiki Spotlight: SOMA

From the creators of the Amnesia series, Frictional Games is currently developing a new title for release in 2015 on PC and PS4. SOMA takes place in a remote research station where the world has been cut off. The staff at the station soon learn that the machines are beginning to take on human traits. Alien constructions also appear, which interrupt staff routine. The world you are in slowly turns into a nightmare and you must fight your way out in this science fiction horror survival game. The SOMA Wiki is where you will have all of the information regarding SOMA in one place!

As files get released, such as Vivarium and Mockingbird, we learn more about the backstory of SOMA and get a better sense of the world it is set in. When new information becomes available, the SOMA Wiki will be updated, allowing the community to watch the story progress as we learn more about the game! Interested in helping keep the community informed? Becoming a contributor is easy! With tools like the Help Wiki and IRC channels, we give you what you need to be a successful editor.


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