Slay Mountain-Sized Ogres in Extinction


Humans have been fighting each other over land, riches, and fame for eons. As they tore themselves apart, a ravenous dark horde assembled in the shadows, waiting for their chance to strike. These vile creatures — the Ravenii — have emerged to deal humanity a fatal blow, using a mixture of lost technologies, arcane magic, and giant ogres upwards of 150-feet tall. There's only one thing on their mind regarding humankind: Extinction.


Modus and Iron Galaxy have created an expansive world to fight such large beasts in. A significant story mode will put you in the shoes of Avil, a human warrior who has the strength and grit to be mankind's last hope against the monsters. Combat takes skill and practice to get the hang of in order to slay the dark hordes. Big technical combos from both air and on land are possible, and the fully destructible environments can become more creative options in combat when things get dicey, especially when saving the fleeing refugees scattered across the maps. The giant ogres take some effort to kill, as you need to break off pieces of their armor before severing their giant limbs, cutting them down literally piece by piece.


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Extinction is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you need anymore information (or have some to share) about being humanity's last hope, come to the Official Extinction Wiki!


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