Survive the Mayan Apocalypse in UAYEB


The ancient Mayans left behind a lifetime of treasure and mystery that remain lost in the deep, impenetrable jungles of Southern Mexico. One of those secrets was the end of civilization as we know it. In UAYEB, the new survival game by Francis Courchinoux, you play as the titular character, woken up a long time after the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 and left to fend for himself. To figure out how you got here and what has happened, you must search for Mayan Treasures and fend of the rabid scavengers who seem hell bent on tearing you apart. Seems reasonable.


UAYEB is, first and foremost, a puzzle game. Like Myst, the answers to the puzzles won't be pointed out to you with arrows or map markers. You have to read your environment and absorb it. Parse through things that could be clues and see what does and doesn't fit. Some of the puzzles are real mind-benders, but don't think that's the only danger. Hunger, fatigue, and climate are all things to keep track of, too. Can't solve puzzles if you starve to death. And then there's the case of the other survivors, also chasing the Mayan mystery, looking to take your head as a trophy. Crafting gear out of harvest-able resources will help give you the edge in that department.


See the Mayan treasure hunt below:



UAYEB is available now on Steam and the Humble Store. If you need help striking gold, come to the Official UAYEB Wiki!


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