God of War Redefines the Series and Attempts to Redeem a Broken Kratos


Following his complete eradication of the Greek pantheon, Kratos has left Greece behind and finds himself in snowy world completely unfamiliar to him. He doesn't know too much about the Norse mysticism surrounding him, but that doesn't stop him from finding a wife and raising a young son, Atreus, in this brave new world. This older, more subdued Kratos must now take his son on a long journey to fulfill his wife's last wish before passing away, a journey that will test him in mind, body, and spirit. The is a whole new, incredibly different God of War experience.


God of War games are known to making storytelling a secondary focus in lieu of the action, but this new tale of father and son's journey through a deadly, Norse myth-inspired world is one full of nuance and emotional depth. Well-written and well-acted performances are shot and directed in a risky and clever, single-shot approach. You never get a cut away or flashback to break from the moment, and does so much for the many powerful moments you'll be engaged in.


But, of course, this wouldn't be God of War without hard-hitting combat. The action in this game is gritty and brutal, with a completely overhauled combat system that takes cues from previous God of War games as well as other contemporary action titles to create challenging and refreshing experience.


Take a look at it here:



God of War comes out exclusively for PlayStation 4 today! If you need help axing your way through the cold undead, come to our God of War wiki!


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