Craft For Your Life in Cube Life: Island Survival


Back in 2015, Cube Life: Island Survival hit the Wii U, bringing block-building, open-world adventure to the hybrid console. Now, several years later, the eShop bestseller is coming to PC, bringing its Minecraft-meets-The Forest vibe to the modern generation.


In Cube Life: Island Survival, there are two main ways to play. In Creative Mode, players can generate random maps and are free to find materials, build to their heart's content, and upload their creations for everyone to see. In Survival Mode, the Island comes alive, and you must manage your hunger and stamina while crafting weapons and tools to defend yourself from the things that go bump in the night. Multiplayer modes are present too, with co-op, deathmatch, and tower defense all available, each using Cube Life's dynamic tools to create new and interesting game play experiences.


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Cube Life: Island Survival is available now. If you need guidance to make the most of your Castaway situation, come to the Official Cube Life: Island Survival Wiki!


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