Live the Heroes Life Three Days at a Time in The Swords of Ditto


Destiny calls to us in mysterious and inexplicable ways. Sometimes it washes you up on the shores of an island gripped in fear thanks to the wrath of an dark villain. Sometimes it's by learning of fallen heroes who have dared to challenge his power. In The Swords of Ditto, you'll find several reasons to pick up steel and fight for what's right, all in the same play through.


Similar to other rogue-lite games like Rogue Legacy or Infinity Blade, death in The Swords of Ditto ends one character's journey, but begins another's. Players will get the full old school, Link to the Past-style action RPG experience in each "micro-adventure," as players will have only three days to quest and complete smaller objectives in hopes of furthering the overall goal of defeating the evil Mormo. The gameplay is cyclical, but every time you start a new adventure, you get a new randomly generated hero and world to explore. There's plenty of side quests, NPCs, and exceptional loot to horde as well. And all that is without even mentioning the game's unique art style, which looks like it could have been ripped straight out of a previously unknown Cartoon Network show. 


Take a look at the game in motion (spoiler alert it's gorgeous):



The Swords of Ditto is available now on PC and PS4. If destiny is calling and you're struggling with the answer, come to the Official Swords of Ditto Wiki for more information.


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