Explore the Skies of a Broken World with Friends in Worlds Adrift


The world is a broken shell of what it used to be. Literally, pieces of what was now float in the air, levitating islands in a sea of clouds, with the ruins and remains of the old civilization resting atop them. Worlds Adrift, the new MMO by Bossa Studios, gives you one prime directive: grab a ship, and explore them all. Easier said than done.


Worlds Adrift is an open world sandbox MMO about taking pieces of the old world and using it to create anew. In your trusty, fully customized airship, you and an optional crew of like-minded nomads can traverse the skies in search of anything that isn't nailed down and can be turned into fuel or crafting supplies. When delving deep into the dungeon regions of some these islands (all of which have been hand made by the island creation community), you may find treasures in the form of schematics that give you access to new ship blueprints, player equipment, unique tools that change the way you traverse outside of the ship (i.e. gliders), or even devices that can manipulate objects in the world in unique ways.


The wildlife stalking these lands run the gamut from passive but overprotective herbivores, to aggressive and hungry predators, all of which live in a natural harmony that you will no doubt screw up with your presence. If that's not enough, other ships and their crews of wanderers have full reign to make your journey difficult. Even the weather itself can be a deadly antagonist.


Learn more about the game in the video below:



Bossa Studios is stepping way out of their wheelhouse with Worlds Adrift, coming out of closed beta and into Early Access today. For more information on this cool emergent MMO, come to the Official Worlds Adrift Wiki!


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