Strive to Survive on an Endless Ocean in Raft


Available now on Steam in Early Access, Raft is a survival game where players need to endure the elements on…well a raft. But don't worry, it's more exciting than it sounds at first.


The player wakes up on a small floating raft composed of four squares of wood. The only available tool — a giant hook that can be used to latch onto floating debris. By pulling in certain materials (such as wooden barrels or pieces of cloth), the player is able to craft certain items and expand the raft. Your objective is to keep building and transform the simple raft into a makeshift home on the endless ocean.


Of course, Raft wouldn’t be a survival game without elements of the world trying to kill you. Survival mechanic staples, such as hunger and thirst, rear their ugly head almost immediately. The player will have to luck into food or find the necessary materials to build the tools that are essential to searching beneath the waves. Fresh water will prove tricky to acquire in the middle of the ocean, but clever players will find a way. The true challenge that players will need to overcome is the shark. Intent on making the player its next meal, this finned predator will stalk the player throughout their journey and even follow the player back to their raft in hopes of nibbling on a foot or two.


Much like Minecraft, players won’t have to survive alone. If you’re having trouble making it on the open sea, invite your friends to play for some co-op. With a few helping hands, you’ll have the perfect floating mansion in no time.


Catch a look at the items you’ll craft, challenges you’ll face, and dangers you’ll meet in Raft:



If a casual crafting survival game is your thing, then grab your PC, open Steam, and start playing Raft. And if you and your friends need some help while sailing through the ocean blue, drop your anchor and read up on some tips and tricks on our Raft Wiki.


 Jordan Ramée 


Jordan is an objective based gamer, and excels when it comes to solving logic-based puzzle. When he’s not replaying all four Mass Effect games again, you’ll typically find him trying out a new Metroidvania, pining for another Assassin’s Creed, or training in Rocket League.



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