Play as a Shopkeeper by Day and Vigilante Hero by Night in Moonlighter


Have you ever aspired to be more? Do you ever dream about something (or someone) breaking the monotony of your everyday life and giving you the chance to prove you have what it takes to become a hero? Will, an adventurous shopkeeper, does.


In Moonlighter, the player finds him or herself in control of Will as he sets up shop in the town of Rynoka. Built near magical portals that can transport people to different realms, the town of Rynoka is home to a diverse assortment of citizens. They range from the mysterious to the reckless, but they all seek the same goal: to find lost treasures. As the resident shopkeeper, Will is tasked with supplying Rynoka’s adventurers with the supplies they’ll need to survive their journey through the portals. However, Will secretly dreams of becoming a hero himself, so he sneaks out each night to try his own hand at exploring the various portals.



Moonlighter divides the player’s time into two different types of games. During the day, the player will take on the role of a merchant. Players will decide what Will sells in his shop each day, what prices he’ll set, and how to arrange the expanding store. Players have to manage their gold reserves as well, including whether or not to put that money towards hiring some good help. Thieves will have to be stopped too. Players looking to get out and explore won't have to worry about being cooped up in the shop all day. There are townsfolk to talk to, errands to run, and equipment to forge and enchant.


At night, Moonlighter becomes a completely different game, and transforms from a social simulator into a action RPG with rogue-lite elements. Different portals lead to different types of worlds. Players will have to prepare Will for a multitude of different challenges. Moonlighter features several distinctive types of weapons for Will to utilize, as well as a diverse skill tree that encourages experimentation and different playstyles. Each world represents a different dungeon to explore that’s full of enemies to fight, bosses to conquer, and loot to scavenge.


Watch Moonlighter in action:



Moonlighter is available now on the Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and the Humble Store. The games promises to be a challenging experience, but player’s who can think on their feet will thrive in Moonlighter’s punishing world. If you need a little help, whether it’s running the shop or adventuring into the unknown, be sure to read check out the Official Moonlighter Wiki.


 Jordan Ramée 


Jordan is an objective based gamer, and excels when it comes to solving logic-based puzzle. When he’s not replaying all four Mass Effect games again, you’ll typically find him trying out a new Metroidvania, pining for another Assassin’s Creed, or training in Rocket League.



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