Join the Battle for the Holy Land in Bless Online


Fans of Korean massively multiplayer RPGs looking for an alternative to TERA or Black Desert Online, your call has been heeded by Neowiz and their fantasy adventure, Bless Online. Choose a side in the decades long war between the Union and the Hieron, two factions fighting over rightful claim of the Holy Land.


Bless Online features a rich and beautiful fantasy setting to explore. Dungeons and ruins are ripe for exploring solo or in groups. In the wild, mighty creatures that can't be tamed will put you down without proper preparation. When you're ready to really test your mettle, you can compete against other players in the Arena, or in large scale Realm vs Realm affairs.


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Bless Online is available now on Steam Early Access. For more information, including when to expect upcoming features like Guild Housing and Dynamic Weather, come to the Official Bless Online Wiki!


 Jarrett Green 


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