Life Finds a Way in Dinosaur Park Simulator Jurassic World Evolution


Dinosaur fans have been sitting and watching the Jurassic Park franchise on the big screen for decades. On the small screen, players have taken on the role of hunters, trappers, and even the dinos themselves in Jurassic Park video games for almost as long. Now, players can take a stab at running the dinosaur theme park themselves in Jurassic World Evolution.


Evolution takes a concept not-new to video games — the park simulator — and asks a question: how would YOU run Jurassic Park. You never think about the answer, because five movies and dozens of video games suggest that the default refrain for operating Jurassic Park is "Don't open Jurassic Park." But Amblin Entertainment and Universal Studios think that it's time your you to put your money where your mouth is, and do the dinosaur theme park the right way.


Just like the source material, you are given plenty of tools to help life find a way. Use gene editing to bring dinosaurs back from extinction, and create new breeds to entertain and fascinate guests. Invest your resources in science, security, or entertainment, depending on your priorities. Immerse yourself in a unique, new narrative adventure featuring Dr. Malcolm (being reprized by the lovely Jeff Goldblum). Just try not to get anyone killed.


Check out this darling interview with the good doctor here:



Jurassic World Evolution is available now on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you need tips for not accidentally creating the plot of the next Jurassic World movie, come our Jurassic World Evolution Wiki.


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