Become Predator or Prey in Identity V


Have you looked at (or been hooked on) games like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight and wondered "I wish I could do this on the go?" Well, developer NetEase has exactly what the doctor ordered in Identity V, an asymmetrical, free-to-play multiplayer game that pits a group of survivors up against a lone, monstrous hunter. Using their wits and the environment, survivors must escape the manor while the hunter stalks and eliminates them.


Released in China last year, Identity V has had plenty of time to work through some of it free-to-play quirks and deliver that horror movie aesthetic game play consistently. Now it comes to North America and hopes to bring it's slasher movie motif to a new audience. If you want to get some extra scares in (and preregister for the game for the platform of your choice) you should check out the accompanying flash game on their website. 


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Identity V is available now on iOS and Android platforms. For more information, come to our Identity V Wiki.


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