Defiance 2050 Lets You Find Your Fortune in the Brutal Future Apocalypse


Trion Worlds tried a grand experiment in 2013, releasing Defiance as both an MMO and a TV show on SyFy. The show would fizzle out after three seasons, but the game Defiance survived. Trion had plans for it though, and with Defiance 2050, they are looking to deliver their full vision as intended.


On a near future Earth, Defiance  casts players as mercenaries who fight their way across the blasted lands, using alien tech to kill your way to prosperity. The 2050 version modernizes the game's old mechanics and graphics — a huge overhaul that more than justifies the new name. It's free-to-play, but Head Start and Founder's Packs have been available for purchase since July 6th for those who can't wait to sling gritty future guns and jagged alloy blades in the grim dark post-apocalypse.


Check it out here:



Defiance 2050 is available now on Steam and PS4. For more information, come to our Defiance 2050 Wiki!


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