The Official Secrets of Rætikon Wiki!

Explore an ancient world as a member of a mysterious group of bird people in this 2D exploration game that allows players to discover the beautiful, stylized world of Rætikon. The Official Secrets of Rætikon Wiki comes from our newest partner, Broken Rules! Join the alpha now, available through Steam Early Access and be a part of the game's development.

Within The Secrets of Rætikon, you will engage unique creatures, work through an interactive ecosystem that responds to your choices, encounter ancient contraptions, solve puzzles, unfold your story and use the level editor to tailor your game to your needs and wants! A fully interactive world, The Secrets of Rætikon offers players a fun, creative world that also allows for customization. Upon release, The Secrets of Rætikon will also give players sharable levels you designed through the Steam Workshop, achievements and stats for collectors and competitive players alike, a hidden cave of gods, even more creatures and a promising epic ending!

Excited as we are about The Secrets of Rætikon as we are, and want to help out with the official wiki? Every wiki hosted at Gamepedia is for and by the community, meaning editors and contributors are always welcome! In order to create a successful community, tools such as the Help Wiki guarantee success. Check it out for tutorials on everything you'd need from syntax to extension help. In addition, please /join #Gamepedia in IRC to chat with Gamepedia staff and fellow community members!


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