The Official Paradise Lost: First Contact Wiki!

Fresh off a recently successful Kickstarter campaign, Asthree Works brings the Official Paradise Lost Wiki to Gamepedia! Accessible on Steam Greenlight and Asthree's website, Paradise Lost is available for multiple platforms. Paradise Lost takes inspiration from classic games we all love, focuses on action/stealth,and has RPG elements, along with some platforming and puzzle solving added in for good measure!

Paradise Lost: First Contact takes place in a secret bio-engineering research facility that has been home to an alien plant, which has recently escaped from its containment. You guide the plant's evolution process, test out new abilities and develop gaming strategies unique to your playstyle! At first glance, many areas within Paradise Lost are inaccessible to players, but through exploration and discovery, new abilities become unlocked and specific objects needed to open up these areas become available. Discover all you can in order to escape from the facility!

Have you made great discoveries within Paradise Lost? Become a contributor for the official wiki and share your secrets! Editing and contributing is easy. To get started, have a look at the Help Wiki for tips and tutorials. Gamepedia staff and community members are also available in IRC!


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