Slay Your Way to the Top in Warlords Awakening


The MMO genre is one of the most jam-packed genre's in video games, with entries pouring onto Steam weekly. It can be hard to break through and be seen in the huddle. This doesn't scare Korea's PLAYWITH Interactive. They're confident that Warlords Awakening is unique enough to hook you in and keep you on the line for hours to come.


The fantastical world of Epheia is bursting with things to see and places to explore. As a young adventurer, you must steel yourself and prepare for a world teeming with danger and adventure. Slay ominous monsters and gain infamy with an expansive combat system. Choose one of five lethal classes to carve your path with, each with three individual battle stances and a plethora of weapons and gear to customize them with. It's safe to say that with all this focus on killing the enemy, you might get pretty good at it. Only the best reach Elite Lord status, empowering their abilities and to new heights!


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Warlords Awakening is available  on Steam in Early Access now. If you're looking for some tips and info on how to make your mark on the battlefield, come to the Official Warlords Awakening Wiki!


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