Be the Master of Your Own Tiny World in Deiland


Back when the universe was still young, small, magic planets were dispersed throughout it. Children were tasked to travel to these worlds to search for magic crystals. As Arco, you search the eponymous Deiland for this font of power, while also surviving on the tiny planet in solitude. Seems like quite the task for a 10-year-old.


Deiland is an adventure sandbox RPG that focuses heavily on tending the land and reaping its bounties in order to complete quests and survive. You'll meet as many as 12 characters, who have a great many tasks they need your help with. Luckily, you and Arco are capable survivalists. Improve your skills though practice and use your tools to build structures. Eventually you'll be able to craft new tools, as well as brew potions, cook food, and more, all while taking in the cute and colorful art design accompanied by a whimsical story.


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Deiland is available now on Steam. If you need more information to get the most out of your miniature planet, come to our Deiland Wiki!


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