Defeat the Immortals in Death's Gambit


Working as the right hand man to Death themself is a pretty big task. Especially since this was one of the Ghost Rider-type bargains where you maybe made a bad choice in a desperate moment and now the rest of your miserable life is spent doing supernatural dirty work. In Death's Gambit, that dirty work is taking down the immortal guardians of Siradon, who have been acting really cocky in the face of their resistance to dying. Purging their souls won't be easy, but you're a pretty capable reaper.


Death's Gambit is a 2D side scrolling action adventure in the shape of Metroid and Dark Souls. At first glance, it may even resemble some of its contemporaries like Chasm or Dead Cells, but looking a little closer and you'll see that Death's Gambit has a laundry list of under the hood features that helps it stand out from the pack. It has an expansive world with a ton of distinct areas that can be explored non-linearly. Players can choose different classes to play, which determines how they gain souls, the game's currency for powering up skills and the like. No class can restrict your weapon selection, though — anyone can pick up one of the 10 weapon types and learn powerful skills to bring out the best in them. Taking down powerful bosses will be a challenge, especially since they can come back to life and challenge you again in Heroic Mode. That, coupled with New Game+ features, means Death's Gambit has a lot to show you, even if you do manage to beat it.


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Death's Gambit is available now on PC and PlayStation 4. If you need help bringing death to the deathless, check out the Official Death's Gambit Wiki!


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