Innovate in the Medieval Cemetery Sector with Graveyard Keeper


I've never run a cemetery. Heck, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've actually been in one. So I'm not really the an expert on the kinds of things that go on in them. That said, I feel pretty confident in the statement that Graveyard Keeper, the new management sim by Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild, is NOT an accurate description of what goes down there. But it's probably a lot more fun.


As the proprietor of your own graveyard, you look to become the best final resting place you can be. But that costs money, and the burgeoning capitalist inside hungers for something more — specifically more money. This can come in the form of cost cutting methods such as recycling graves or "repossessing" some of the possessions of your guests for profit. If you really want to push it, those "possessions" could be some of their organs. Maybe you want to expand into some entertainment-focused ventures, and use your property for public witch-burnings. Maybe you want to get your hands dirty, and go questing in the local dungeons. Ambition is rewarded in Graveyard Keeper. As is being a cheapskate. 


Check out some coroner action here:



Graveyard Keeper is out now on PC and Xbox One. If you want to know more about the whimsical world of cemetery work, come to the Official Graveyard Keeper Wiki!


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