Raise a Dragon and Run a Restaurant in Little Dragons Cafe


Yasuhiro Wada, of Harvest Moon fame, can't stop making quirky life sims. If anything, he wants to turn the quirk to 11, if his next title, Little Dragons Cafe, is anything to judge by. His 20 years in the business taken him to strange places, making strange things (Deadly Premonition, anyone?), and now he's taking and putting all of those experiences back into the genre he helped put on the map.


Little Dragons Cafe stars a twin brother and sister looking to learn how to manage a small cafe under the watchful eye of their mother. That is, of course, until their mother falls into a deep and mysterious slumber. — just in time for a stranger to appear and plop the twins with the hefty responsibility of raising a baby dragon. With the help of their awkward kitchen staff, the twins must successfully run the cafe and save their mother without the dragon burning everything to ashes. You know, the usual.


It's a goofy, fun game, is what I'm saying. Take a look here:



Little Dragons Cafe is available now on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. For more information, come grab a bite at our Little Dragons Cafe Wiki!



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