Create A Galactic Empire from Scratch in The Universim


The "God Game" hasn't really been represented in a big way since Spore. Developer Crytivo agrees, which is why The Universim has been such a big project for them over the past five years. They want to create a God game the likes of which we've never seen. They may be on to something.


In The Universim, you plant the seeds of life on a planet and nurture it into a civilization. From a distance, you must show them how to survive the harsh brutalities of nature through seasons and natural phenomena you can't control. Compel your civilization to advance and become organized. Take them from the Stone Age to the Space Age, and watch them expand through the vastness of space, conquering planets, and creating an empire all by themselves.


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The Universim, newly out of Early Access, is available on Steam now. For more guidance in godhood, come to the Official Universim Wiki!


 Jarrett Green 


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