Be a Living Weapon in Immortal: Unchained


With more and more games taking prompts, lessons, and similar traits from Dark Souls, they have started to become their own genre. The Souls-like can produce some fascinating concepts when developers go out on a limb to try new things with tried-and-true ideas. Immortal: Unchained looks to do just that.


Like Deck13 did with The Surge, Toadman Interactive takes the formula into hard sci-fi territory. As a living weapon recently freed after millennia of incarceration, you are tasked with stopping a threat so massive that it could destroy all worlds. The Gothic space horror vibes Immortal:Unchained is giving off are supported by a strong narrative written by some top tier writers from games like The Witcher and Battlefield 1. Gameplay-wise, the stamina-based, touch-and-go melee mechanics we've come to expect from these types of games are here. Immortal: Unchained throws a new layer on top of it all with a large ranged weapon suite. Rifles, pistols, SMGs and the like are all heavily featured and will mix up the formula immensely. Outside of that, the labyrinthine levels that twist in and around themselves, as well as the heavy risk/reward influenced exploration that Souls-likes are good at is also a big part of your space god-killing adventure.


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Immortal: Unchained is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you need help surviving in this punishing space adventure, come to our Immortal: Unchained Wiki.


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