Forge Your Own Destiny in the Wide, Wide Universe of Boundless


Earth no longer enough to contain your magnitudes? Want to spend time among the stars? The voxel sandbox MMO Boundless is worth paying attention to. Forge your own path as an explorer, a hunter, a builder — you name it, you can be it. This unique adventure is all about giving players the power to explore various planets dotting the in-game universe, whether you chill on a relatively safe planet or tempt fate by exploring a more dangerous area.


Boundless lets you create your own structures, hunt down strange creatures, hoard materials you'll find throughout the game world. You can strike out alone and play the game solo, or invite friends to come craft, search for monsters, and even colonize new planets all for yourself! You can utilize special portals between worlds to travel easier, trade items, and engage in all kinds of fun activities, all in the middle of a vast MMO universe.


Sound like it might be right up your alley? Check out more footage of the game below!



Boundless is, after four long years, finally out of Early Access on Steam, but that doesn't mean the updates are finished. Like any good MMO, developer Wonderstruck plans on supporting the title for years to come. Need some help getting started? Make sure you come check out our Boundless Wiki!


 Brittany Vincent 


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