Official A Wizard's Lizard Wiki and Game Launch!

Two fantastic things are happening today: not only does the official wiki for A Wizard's Lizard come to Gamepedia, but the game is also launching! A Wizard's Lizard is the newest game from Lost Decade Games, the studio who also brought us Onslaught! Arena. Available for PC, Mac and Linux, A Wizard's Lizard is a roguelike adventure RPG and can be purchased through their website. The game is also up for vote on Steam Greenlight, so make sure to be heard that you would like A Wizard's Lizard available through Steam!

As the name suggests, you are a lizard in search of your wizard. You fight through dungeons to advance to where you can get back to him. Unlike many games, however, A Wizard's Lizard rewards death. In order to advance and reach the realm of the dead, you need to die and acquire the power of resurrection. Death himself has captured your wizard and you must find the courage and bravery to rescue him! Use your favorite gamepad, including an Xbox 360 controller, to fully control your lizard.

Excited about A Wizard's Lizard as we are? Vote for them on Steam Greenlight and become a contributor for the official wiki! Contributing is easy and we give you all that you need to be successful. Want to see tutorials, look up extensions or just have a wiki syntax refresher? The Help Wiki has everything you need! Have a pressing question or just want to have a chat with Gamepedia staff and fellow community members? Gamepedia has IRC channels!


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