Weekly Official Wiki Roundup: Battleslain: Goblins, CryptoFights, and More!

Look what time it is — time for more Official Wikis! It's a special milestone with this week's installment of our Official Wiki Roundup, as Gamepedia has now passed over 700 Official Wikis! Give it up for all the awesome games (and game developers) that partner with us, and of course a round of applause for the communities that help the wikis thrive! With that said, it's time to dig in to what's on offer this week, because we've got some cool stuff to share!


Official Battleslain: Goblins Wiki

This mobile favorite from Playheim transports you to a world run by the Goblin Hive, with the Gods having sent you to defeat them. You're a goblin yourself, who was once defeated in battle. Odin has entrusted you to wield "the power of the runes" to keep the remaining humans safe. You'll unlock tons of abilities and skills, and best of all you can take the game on the go with you! It's got tons of charm, too — check out that pixelated aesthetic! It's available now via Google Play!


Official CryptoFights Wiki 

Looking for a unique fighting game to test out your brawling skills? CryptoFights is a 1v1 turn-based fighter with weapons and armor that you must earn via gaining XP and gold. Matches are hard-fought, so you'll have to make sure you've got everything you need to conquer your opponents. But there's a catch — all your weapons and armor are actually yours, an the game utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to make it all possible, as well as the Enjin wallet! Very cool! When it debuts, it will be available on Android devices via Google Play.


Official Roguetech Wiki

This Battletech mod has a ton of cool elements, all meant to make the base game even more difficult. The harsher sim elements it introduces are meant to truly test you and your mechs, and it's meant only for hardcore players. If that all sounds exactly like what you want out of Battletech, you'll want to install this mod, which is available for free to beef up the base game's challenge considerably. It's available via NexusMods!


Official The Endless Mission Wiki

Aching to make some custom creations in the gaming world? The Endless Mission is for you! This community-driven sandbox game ensures you've always got something new and interesting to discover, whether you're playing others' awesome creations or you're making a gaming experience that's never been seen before. It's currently available via Steam by way of Early Access, but it's targeting a Fall 2018 full release.


 Brittany Vincent 


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