Scavenge Your Way to Prosperity in Deep Sky Derelicts


The turn-based RPG is one of those holdovers from the pen-and-paper era's transition into video games. It's also a staple genre, always pretty well represented no matter what the year or console generation. Even now, in 2018, RPGs still find ways to iterate and innovate. Case in point, Snowhound's Deep Sky Derelicts, a grim sci-fi RPG that has seen its contemporaries, took notes, and thinks it can do them one better.


In the grimy, dystopian future humanity is more divided than ever. On one end, the rich and powerful have expanded into the stars, living on beautiful lush planets safe from the ravages of deep space. On the other end, stateless scavengers float through the void, fighting over scraps. You play as scavenger for hire from the latter group. Unlike most scavengers, you have a way into providence. Should you find a specific alien derelict ship, fabled and missing in the Deep Sky sector, you can trade it for a cozy life on one of the aforementioned pretty planets.


Delivering yourself to early retirement won't be easy, of course. Adventure into Deep Sky also means meeting other scavengers, abandoned technology, and alien lifeforms that really would rather you be dead. In these situations, Deep Sky Derelicts unique combat system shines. Taking bits of inspiration from games like Darkest Dungeon, XCOM, and Hearthstone, Derelicts takes the gestalt of these and gives the turn-based mechanics some much needed spice. Check it out below:



Deep Sky Derelicts is officially out of Early Access and is now available in its full form on Steam. If you need more information on how to survive the horrors of deep space, come on over to the Official Deep Sky Derelicts Wiki!



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