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Grasshopper Manufacture is a studio defined by making weird, weird games. Killer is Dead, Shadows of the Damned, No More Heroes, and Killer 7 stand-out as some of the strangest games to ever hit mass market. Yet, somehow, Grasshopper may have out done themselves in the “weird” domain with Let It Die, now available on PC for the first time.


As a third person, dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash, Let It Die sounds a lot like your modern RPG. But motions to compare it to Dark Souls should be rebuffed quickly, because where Miyazaki’s masterpiece ends mechanically, Suda51’s funhouse begins. Almost literally, as the game takes place in the giant Tower of Barb, and each floor of the tower rearranges itself every time you climb.



You’ll be climbing pretty often, because you will die a lot. Death only sends you back to the bottom floor, and while permadeath rules dictate that you lose a significant amount of the things you collected, some stuff (like experience) carries over, which allows you to level up and obtain meta upgrades. Your dead character doesn’t go to waste though — it’s sent spiraling through the internet, looking for some other innocent player’s Tower of Barb to haunt.


Let it Die is systems intensive. There are lots of currencies, meters, durabilities, etc. to juggle and manage — all while being bombarded with odd quips and witticisms by characters like Uncle Death, the hooded reaper with an affinity for skateboarding who serves as the game's mascot. I told you, this thing is weird, man.


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No longer exclusive to the realm of Sony's PlayStation 4, Let It Die is available starting today via Steam. If you need directions to the top of the Tower, come to our Let it Die Wiki!


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