Weekly Official Wiki Roundup: Our World of Pixels and Revhead

There's a chill in the air and a spring here in our step at Gamepedia, and we've got plenty of wintry fun for you with the latest Weekly Official Wiki Roundup. As usual, we've got the hottest new games with Official Wikis to talk about, so dig in and enjoy before the holidays set in starting next week. We're absolutely ready to stuff our faces with turkey and dressing — and then go shop it all off! Let's ride that momentum into the weekend with some cool new games!


Official Our World of Pixels Wiki

Ever wanted a massive collaborative online space where you can draw anything you want to with other people at the same time? Our World of Pixels is just that. While it's not technically a game, it can be treated like one somewhat. Creating your own artwork with pixels from inside your browser sometimes creates some incredible results. There's so much talent going on inside this applet that you'll see all kinds of amazing stuff, from familiar characters to intriguing tableaus – nothing is truly off-limits! You can try it out for yourself right now over here.


Official Revhead Wiki

Like to race? Love cars? You'll love Revhead, a racing sim that lets you build your very own race car. In the small town of Australia, you'll work with your buddy Charlie to create the fastest rides possible using parts from your meager starting garage, unlocking more parts as you rise up through the ranks. You can race your car in over 70 different events, customize cars to your liking, and challenge others in-game as well. It's available on Steam now!


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