Conquer Northgard with the Powerful New Nidhogg Dragon Clan

Fans have been loving Northgard since it released back in March of this year, and the developers at Shiro Games have been hard at work since then adding new features and improvements to the Viking-themed RTS. The latest addition, available now, is a brand new clan for players to conquer Northgard with — Nidhogg, the clan of the Dragon.



Clan Nidhogg is unlike many of the other clans in Northgard, with a focus on ancient traditions, rituals, and customs that the other clans distrust.


For an example of the kind of ancient traditions the Nidhogg clan still uphold, look no further than human sacrifice. Playing as clan Nidhogg, players will start with a pre-built, clan-exclusive building in the form of the Sacrificial Pyre, which can be used to sacrifice units in order gain the favor of the gods.



The Nidhogg also don't shy away from heinous acts such as slavery in order to bolster their ranks. Like civilians, slaves can fight and travel into neutral territory, but they don't count towards overall population and don't require housing. They also consume less food and gather 50 percent fewer resources than a civilian unit. Slaves can be acquired either through purchasing them at the longship dock or, once you've learned the Capture lore, by enslaving people from a different faction. But don't let the slave population get too large — if ever the slave population surpasses that of the regular population, you'll have an uprising on your hands.


As clan Nidhogg, you won't have access to a standard military building. Instead, players can build a Dragonkin Altar. Each altar built increases warband size by one (or two, if upgraded). Villagers can also be permanently upgraded into Dragonkin form (for a price), which greatly improves their fighting capabilities far beyond that of a normal warrior unit.



Interested in razing Northgard with the Nidhogg? They're available for purchase now. If you're looking for even more information on Northgard and the clans that inhabit it, be sure to visit our Official Northgard Wiki for all your needs.


Cameron Koch


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