Weekly Official Wiki Roundup: Eternity: The Last Unicorn, Shardhunters, and More!

Have you gotten all your holiday shopping finished yet? Looking forward to walking in a winter wonderland? Us too, and we can't wait to spend it with our friends and family. But we've still got a little bit of time left before we gallivant around for the end of the year and ring in 2019. That means another week of Official Wikis, hot off the presses!


Official Eternity: The Last Unicorn Wiki

This upcoming RPG from Void Studios and published by 1C Entertainment is hitting in 2019, bringing a wide variety of western fantasy tropes and Norse mythology with it. The Elves were once gifted four powerful Unicorns by the Holy Goddess, an all important part of Elven civilization. But the unicorns were taken away, and cursed by dastardly witchcraft, leaving the elves themselves dwindling down. Players lead a pure Elf named Aurehen on her quest to free the final surviving Unicorn. It's targeting a release on PC next year.


Official Shardhunters Wiki

Lycan Studio's upcoming free-to-play collectible digital card game combines tabletop elements with the fun of online gaming. You'll choose your own special party of skilled heroes and then take them into battle against a variety of frightening monsters. If you prefer, you can just match up against an enemy team. You'll need to master important skills like deck-building, team organization, and tactical planning if you want to succeed through various challenges and conquer multiple different winning conditions as well. If you enjoy games like Hearthstone or Artifact, Shardhunters looks like it'll be in your wheelhouse as well.


Official The Land of Pain Wiki

Fans of Lovecraftian horror will want to get their hands on The Land of Pain, an adventure explicitly inspired by the works of the cult favorite author. There's something strange in the woods. When rain falls down and darkness permeates every inch of night, life is about to change forever. With a selection of austere puzzles, bizarre monsters, and lore to unravel, The Land of Pain has you fighting to survive as you fight off a particularly malevolent force. You can purchase The Land of Pain right now as PC!


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