Astroneer Makes You a Deep Space Prospector


Space is the final frontier for mankind. It's an endless bounty of new and weird locations that can possibly hold eons old secrets, or maybe actively kill us. If were ever going to find something cool out there, we can't let the fear of the latter hinder our pursuit of the former. System Era Softworks' latest game, Astroneer, agrees.


As a 25th Century space explorer, your mission is to fly through the stars and find worlds capable of inhabiting. You and up to 3 compatriots can work together to build bases, terraform landscapes, and generally reshape the exotic planet under your feet in your image. Design, craft, and build vehicles and tools necessary to traverse the surface of planets or dig underground. Use the resources that the procedurally generated worlds provide to survive. Research new tech to get you flying deeper and deeper into space to find even stranger places to repeat the cycle.


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Astroneer leaves Steam Early Access today! Those who've been playing up until this point will finally see the inclusion of long promised features like weather hazards, persistent gameplay goals, and customization player characters! For new and old players alike, our Official Astroneer Wiki has everything you need to know about surviving in wild space.


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