BATALJ Wants to Change the Way You Look at Turn-Based Multiplayer


The turn-based, multiplayer strategy space is usually dominated by games that can feel slow and plodding. Turns often feel like they can take forever, or the wait for your turn to come back can be excruciating. There's also something to the die roll or coin-flippy nature of randomness that's added to these games that can feel like all agency has been taken away from you. BATALJ hopes to be the change the genre needs, in both regards.

From Fall Damage Games, a studio founded by DICE co-founder Markus Nyström and a couple of DICE veterans, BATALJ is a turn-based, multiplayer game with speed and variety in mind. Make a skirmish squad from three factions of futuristic factions of mechs and organic hybrids. Over 60 unique units make up the Rusters, Re-Linked, and Splicers, all with their own synergies and special attacks. They're all well designed and look really cool.

In combat, turns are simultaneous. That means you and your opponent strategize movement and attacks in a planning phase, then watch them play out in an action phase. This both shortens the downtime between your inputs, and dampens the focus on reaction over pro-action. Controlling points on the map is the objective, and the first team to maneuver themselves to five control points wins.

See more robo-combat here:


BATALJ launches today on Steam. If you need assistance conquering your foes from the far future, please come to the Official BATALJ Wiki for all the information you need.


 Jarrett Green 


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