Save Alfheim From Darkness and Despair in Eternity: The Last Unicorn


Norse mythology is the a hot commodity these days, thanks to smash games like Skyrim, TV shows like Vikings, and movies like Thor. It gets readopted and re-imagined fairly regularly. It's so old and jagged in it's original poetic forms that reinterpretation is almost required for it to make sense in modern scopes. So even as it becomes a more popular source, it still has plenty of new ways to look and sound when turned into a game. Enter Void Studios' new game, Eternity: The Last Unicorn.


Set in the Norse realm of Alfheim, you play a warrior of legend named Aurehen, destined to turn back a curse that's killing the world she knows and loves, as well as threatening to end Elven immortality for good. Tracking down the fugitive witch from Hel before she finds and kills the titular Last Unicorn is top priority. She'll do so with the help of powerful weapons and skills that she'll find and develop along the way. She'll even have the help of a Viking man named Bior. Both will be playable across the 12 hour campaign. 


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Eternity, the Last Unicorn launches today on Steam. If you need help bringing calm to the land of the Elves, come to the Official Eternity Wiki!


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