Unite Ancient China in Total War: Three Kingdoms


Between the Han and Jin dynasties, China would find itself in a swirl of conflict the likes of which the country had never seen before. The tale of the dominant Wei, Shu, and Wu states has been written in novels, made into television dramas and big blockbuster movies, and has been the focus of some of the longest running video game series in history. The Yellow Turban Rebellion and the resulting Romance of the Three Kingdoms gets immortalized in yet another way this week, with its own entry into the Total War franchise.


This isn't just your average Total War game with a 200 AD Chinese skin. Three Kingdoms introduces some very deep and unique political drama, statecraft, and empire-building along side the massive real-time battles the series is known for. Choose as one of 12 legendary warlords, and unite China under one banner with the aid of powerful heroes, and great feats of military, economic, and technological strength. Create powerful coalitions and gain the respect of your enemies. Avoid, or inflict, treachery and deceit to get the upper hand over your rivals. And when your done with the base game, move on to the Yellow Turban Rebellion expansion pack for most heroes, warlords, and unique skills and units.


See it in all its glory here:



Total War: Three Kingdoms and the Yellow Turban Rebellion expansion pack is out today on Steam. If you need help unifying China, come to our Total War wiki!



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