Steel Division II Wants to Make the Most Realistic War Game Ever Made


There might be no more popular period of time to make a video game about than World War II. Maybe because it has all the ingredients for a good game: easily identifiable bad guys, plenty of myth-making to exploit and make fiction out of, and an incredible technological revolution rife with new toys to play with on the battlefield. Many games like to take a lot of license to embellish on the high's and lows of WWII. Steel Division 2 is not that game.


There is painstaking effort involved in making the most accurate depiction of the Eastern Front ever in the Steel Division games. As a General during Operation Bagration, it's up to you to lead Soviet forces against the Nazis in an offense that is historically the most devastating loss in German military history. Across several campaigns in 1944, you'll command literally tens of thousands of soldiers across an entire continent. You can command tank fleets to blast through hard defenses, or order troops to hunker down and weather the Nazi barrage. These macro actions can change the way the actual battles take place. Digging in might provide you with fortifications for your units to take cover in, for example. This is one of the most impressive, 1:1 scale RTS's you'll ever see in motion.


Don't believe me? Take a look below:



After some delays, Steel Division 2 finally comes out today on Steam and Humble. If you need help pushing back the Nazis, come to our Steel Division 2 wiki.



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