The Official Interplanetary Wiki!

Currently in its alpha phase, Interplanetary is offers the epic space battle we all want. Interplanetary has successfully become Greenlit on Steam and will be available for Mac, Linux and Windows machines. We're thrilled to announce that The Official Interplanetary Wiki has found its home with Gamepedia! Finnish studio Team Jolly Roger has been known to give alpha keys out to those who follow them on Twitter or Facebook, as well!

A turn-based strategy game, Interplanetary is based on hard science fiction, where it is planet against planet. You must work hard on gathering resources and building your planet, while spying on your enemies, encouraging your citizens and working on your star system's domination! Beware: other players (or the game's AI) will have the same goals as you. It is planet against planet all out war with Interplanetary!

Help out Interplanetary by becoming an alpha tester and help the official wiki by becoming a contributor! Want to contribute, but not sure where to start? Take a look at the Help Wiki or the help page for ideas. Have a question about wikis or just want to chat? Gamepedia staff and community members can be found in IRC!


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