Master Voxelated Logistics in Kubifaktorium


There is an interesting sub-genre arising out of the development sim space that puts automation front and center. The goal isn't just to harvest resources and expand, but to do so as efficiently as possible. At peak play, these sorts of games involved developing expansive supply chains that resemble Rube Goldberg machines on steroids. It would almost be relaxing, if it wasn't also so overwhelming. Kubifaktorium, the latest from developer Mirko Seithe, at least makes it look less threatening.


That's because it's dripping in that 3D pixel aesthetic that Minecraft made famous. Where the motif has been used a lot in the past as just surface level gimmickry, it fits particularly well in Kubifaktorium's overall vibe. A game about building always feels better when you're using actual blocks, you know?



Your day-to-day in Kubifaktorium involves managing a voxel community, and using resources around you to grow and expand it, both physically and technologically. Of course, as things get bigger, you'll require more advanced and complicated means of transportation to get your people and resources where they need to be in a timely manner. Solving the logistics problems are a first step. True mastery is doing so in style!


What might separate Kubifaktorium from other games like it is accessibility. This game is designed to be legible and easy to pick up by anyone, but also challenging to master. Being accessible doesn't need to be a bad word!

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Kubifaktorium releases on Steam Early Access today! For more help on how to wrangle the supply chain, come to our Kubifaktorium Wiki!



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