Gamepedia Shirt and Sticker Sale & Pixel Piracy Giveaway

Today we've got two small pieces of news to bring to you. First we'd like to announce that Gamepedia has some new merchandise available in the Curse Store! In addition to our basic Gamepedia t-shirts, we also have stickers and (by popular demand) our I <3 Indie Games design available. All of these items are available at a 20% discount for a limited time, so grab one now before they're gone! (Please note: the discount is applied once the items are added to your cart.)

 Gamepedia also wanted to give you a chance to win a great new game called Pixel Piracy. With the help of the awesome development team for the project, we have more than 100 copies of this title available to give away. Take a moment to enter sometime between now and Monday and you could be one of our lucky winners! Don't forget to check out the Official Pixel Piracy Wiki here on Gamepedia and have a great weekend!



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